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Powering the future with turbines made in the Kingdom Energy
General Electric
Saudi Advanced
Our H-Class turbines are delivering reliable power to millions of people around the world wind
General Electric
Saudi Advanced
Supporting Saudi Arabia’s vision for the future solar
Powering the future
with turbines made
in the Kingdom
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PSP31031-088, 6B Gas Turbine, 6B Rotor- compressor section, Belfort, France, Europe, DI-2800x4200

Who Are We ?

Aiming to satisfy the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s growing electricity demands, GE Saudi Advanced Turbines (GESAT) is a joint investment by Dussur and General Electric (GE) to manufacture heavy duty gas turbines and components in the Kingdom.
Established in June 2017, GESAT aims to satisfy Saudi Arabia’s annual demand for gas turbines. Under the agreement, GE and Dussur are strengthening ‘Made in Saudi’ capabilities by expanding manufacturing processes specifically around gas turbine component technology, including GE’s H-class heavy duty gas turbines, enabling operational efficiency and flexibility.

Chairman of GESAT

Dr. Raed Al-Rayes

“This joint venture represents major progress toward achieving the kingdom’s industrial objectives set out by Vision 2030 through the localization of gas turbine manufacturing in Saudi Arabia. GESAT will create the capacity to supply the majority of Saudi Arabia’s annual demand for gas turbines needed to satisfy the Kingdom’s growing electricity demands, help further develop a global industrial supply chain for the energy sector, and will contribute to stronger localized manufacturing ecosystems in Saudi Arabia”.


Hassan Elokdi

“GESAT is at the forefront of high value added ‘Made in Saudi for the World’ efforts, with the capability to manufacture the world’s most advanced gas turbines, including GE’s H-class heavy duty gas turbines. For our customers in Saudi Arabia, the region and beyond, this means easier access to industry-leading technology and our technical support. GESAT also contributes to the wider economy by creating jobs for Saudis, driving exports and promoting the Kingdom’s small and medium enterprises that support our facility with parts, thus driving a strong industrial manufacturing supply chain in Saudi Arabia.”

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